Amy has been having weekly physiotherapy with Jane for the last few years as part of her rehabilitation following an acquired brain injury in 2005 as a result of the sudden onset  of Type 1 diabetes.

Amy particularly enjoys her sessions at the gym where with Jane’s expertise , kindness & indeed patience, means she is still making good steady progress.

Jane is a very positive person and encourages Amy to do her best.

Amy, Acquired brain injury client

Amy, exercising at the gym 

Our branch of the MS Society run two physiotherapy sessions each week which are hosted by Jane Hargrave and attract people affected by MS. The Tuesday group is aimed for sufferers with varying degrees of incapacity and the Thursday group is aimed at the more mobile. Both groups practice exercises and stretching based around their fitness levels. No two week exercise sessions are the same which keeps us motivated and interested however, the basics are and the laughter therapy is a bonus we receive from being a group with Jane at the helm. We are provided with homework! For those who wish to continue their physiotherapy at home there are details of stretches to help keep us supple throughout the week, we certainly benefit from this and also her regular walking assessments. I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the group and its members to thank Jane for all her dedication and hard work.

Lorna, Multiple Sclerosis client

Treasurer, Loughborough & District MS Group.

I have been a patient of Jane’s for 16 years after a seriously disabling attack of Guillain Barre. Her first class physiotherapy and motivational skills enabled me to recover a great deal of mobility and I am still, despite advancing years, benefiting from her treatment.


Dorothy, Guillian Barre client

Jane, Physio, Rehab..

These 3 words hold the key to my being able to live a life in a wheelchair.

18 years and counting of her hard work and expertise now enable me to keep going.

Jane is a treasure and a credit to her profession.

Thanks for everything..


Trish, Peripheral neurological client

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about 5 years ago in my late sixties. During a review with my consultant, I was asked if I knew about the Parkinson’s exercise class which was run every Friday and Monday in Leicester. He recommended that I rang Jane Hargrave to obtain further details of the class. I did as he suggested and after discussion with Jane joined the Friday session.

This exercise class has been going for over 10 years and still includes some of the original people, including Jane as leader. After 2 years of attending the Friday session I think I know why they have attended for so long. Exercise is only part of the motivation that the group gets, it is the way that Jane runs this session. Her way of organising is very motivating for all involved, with just the right amount of help for each when needed.

For me I know it’s helped with my balance being much improved.

Significantly my Cardiologist saw a major improvement in my 6 monthly test results, which after discussion he concluded was the result of attending Jane’s exercise class.

I still have some ‘off ‘days and guess that will be the case. However I still get a buzz out of the exercises and meeting the other attendees, we all ‘want’ to attend.

People talk about atmosphere, which is difficult to define but to me our sessions are full of atmosphere which makes the session more like a club.

Keith, Parkinson's disease client